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Bucket Elevators

 The bucket elevator, which is often referred to as a grain leg, has been the staple of the grain handling industry for the last century. When it comes to efficiency there’s nothing like it. We offer legs that can handle anywhere from 1,200 BPH to 20,000 BPH and everything in between! Lambton provides a product to fit all customer specifications. The belting is a standard PVC material with a rubber belt as an option upon request. Standard buckets are made from a durable non-sparking polyethylene material. Other options for buckets would include steel, nylon, and urethane. To prevent grain from getting trapped in the boot pulley they provide a slotted rod boot pulley with a winged pulley, also available upon request. When it comes to accessories and platforms Lambton has many different options to go with whatever fits your needs as a customer. All platforms, from rest platforms to work platforms come with full handrails and swing doors to ensure safety.

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